Global Leadership and Sustainable Development

Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development is designed to prepare students to lead change initiatives in a globalizing world which is increasingly characterized by chaos, complexity, and change. Students learn to simultaneously search for the underlying causes of global environmental, economic and social problems, and at the same time learn how to design and lead responses that produce sustainable outcomes for the current and future generations.

Program Chair's Message:

Regina Ostergaard-Klem
Dr. Regina Ostergaard-Klem

The Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development will be moved to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Social Sciences as of July 1, 2011. As a result of this move, GLSD students will have greater contact with faculty in the Social Sciences to guide professional paper projects and other program goals.  The GLSD curriculum was revised started fall, 2010.  New courses have been added such as Sustainable Energy Systems, Global Climate Change, and Sustainable Building Science to strengthen the sustainable development dimension of the degree. Also, a 9-credit supporting field option is now available. Students can chose their supporting field from over 9 different academic areas. Examples are: International Disaster and Emergency Management, International Economics, Religion and Sustainability, Community Development, Environmental Science, World History.  This new curriculum situates the MAGLSD program as being one of the most interdisciplinary, sustainability-related graduate programs in the Pacific and Western United States regions. Our goal is to produce global leaders who are first and fore-most environmental stewards with the skills to move human systems towards sustainability by thoroughly understanding the systemic causes of the multitude of challenges humanity faces at both the global and local levels.  Most importantly, these new global leaders will have the moral courage to help chart new directions towards a human community in harmony with the natural world.

Dr. Regina Ostergaard-Klem, MAGLSD Program Chair

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