Global Leadership and Sustainable Development

MA/GLSD Prerequisite Requirements

Students from a variety of backgrounds are attracted to the Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development (MA/GLSD) program. Therefore, to ensure each student is adequately prepared for the academic rigors of graduate-level management curricula, specific undergraduate courses must be satisfactorily completed as a foundation for graduate studies.

The necessesary undergraduate courses may be found on the Degree Requirements page and are listed under Prerequisites.

If a student has not met all of the undergraduate prerequisites, he or she may still be accepted into the MA/GL program. However, prior to beginning certain graduate-level courses, students may be required to complete the required prerequisite courses.

International Students:

Non-native speakers of English who did not attend a U.S. university must take MGMT 6100 Seminar: Professional Communications. A student may take an exemption exam if he/she feels that he/she has the writing and research capabilities highlighted by this course.