Faculty Bios

Topher Erickson

Office: 1188 Fort Street, Suite 301, Honolulu, HI 96813 (MP Building)
Office Phone:  808.544.1413
E-mail: terickson@hpu.edu

Topher Erickson
Lecturer of Anthropology

Ph.D. American University

M.A. Public Anthropology American University

B.A. Hamline University

A.S. Minneapolis Community College

Topher Erickson has Ph.D. in Anthropology with a Masters degree in Public Anthropology from American University in Washington D.C.. His dissertation, Hawaiian Resilience, focused on social work & social movements and how they are transformed by the nonprofit industry in Hawai'i. The work was guided by concentrations on issues of race, gender & social justice. Dr. Erickson's passion and curiosity is motivated by the exploration of difference and transgression within and across culture(s). Merging his professional career in social work with anthropology Topher is committed to deconstructing hierarchical systems of power in the classroom (i.e. teacher > student) and elsewhere. Dr. Erickson teaches courses on poverty, taboo, sex and gender, intercultural communication, as well as introductory and theoretical anthropology.

As an advocate of engaged scholarship, Topher designs curriculum that brings students together in collaborative, active learning as well as directly into the community (i.e. outside the classroom). Students consider his teaching style unorthodox & unconventional while facilitating an inclusive learning environment - one in which honors the knowledge brought by all those who participate. 

Dr. Erickson has taught courses in anthropology, American & urban studies, sociology & communications (and specializes in "not taking ourselves too seriously")