Social Sciences Department: Chair's Message

Dr. Patrick Bratton


Our new merged department combines the former Departments of History and Social Sciences.  It houses some of the leading academic programs in the College of Liberal Arts, and indeed in the University.  We have faculty with strong research agendas, excellent teaching skills, and exemplary service.  We have excellent students and alumni from Hawai‘i, the mainland US, and across the globe.  Our students have gone on to be change agents, diplomats, entrepreneurs, lawyers, military professionals, social activists, researchers, and many other careers.  

The Department of History and International Studies provides students with the tools to become global leaders and active and reflective citizens of the twenty-first century world.  Through interdisciplinary programs, the students develop a rational and knowledge-based understanding of the past, present and future worlds and develop critical decision-making and problem-solving skills required to successfully navigate and mold a rapidly changing society.  The Department’s emphasis on sustainability, security and society promotes an understanding of local, national, and global issues and their interconnectivity and emphasizes the role of the individual and the group in promoting positive societal change.

Our department houses two graduate degrees, two graduate certificates, five undergraduate degrees, and six minors.  We have degrees that draw upon the interdisciplinary nature of the department – the MA and BS in Diplomacy and Military Studies, the MA in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development, and the BA in International Studies – and traditional degrees that draw upon the training of the faculty in their core areas – the BA in History, BA in Political Science, and BA in Anthropology. 

We emphasize gaining real world experience and getting our students engaged with professional life after the degree.  We encourage our students to study abroad and gain cross-cultural and language skills. Leveraging our strategic location both in the center of the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region, and locally in downtown Honolulu to provide real world learning opportunities for our students.  We have long-standing partnerships with think-tanks, state and local government, museums and historical sites, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.  Many of our students and alums have gotten internships and employment in these organizations.

We hope to see you join us!

Patrick Bratton, Ph.D.


(808) 544-1466