Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Students with Kalo
(HPU students work the Kalo fields in Kahana Valley, Oahu)

The anthropology major stresses the refinement of intellectual skills and the nourishing of citizen scholars. The program is a valuable means for emphasizing the cross-disciplinary trends in the social and physical sciences. When students graduate with a degree in anthropology, they are trained in critical, analytical thinking and writing and are capable of responsible membership in a global society. Students may select a Pacific-Hawai'ian Studies analyses of the Pacific-Hawai'ian region. Graduates will be well prepared for graduate study in social sciences and/or employment opportunities in the health care industry, social service agencies, international and local corporations, educational institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and not-for-profit groups.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and enable students to become effective and responsible citizens of a global community by engaging with cultural and social difference. We aspire to give students the competency and emotional intelligence to be able to create positive change both within themselves and around them.


  1. Engage with differences that they normally do not experience in everyday life and, rather than simply tolerating (or being threatened by) them, use these differences as an engine for their own personal growth as citizens in a global world.
  2. Understand – through the use of contextual analysis and comparison – the political and cultural frames of reference that shape their perceptions and behaviors in everyday life – the hegemonies that shape our understandings.
  3. Gain the analytical and presentational skills to conceive of and demonstrate more just and compassionate visions of reality.
  4. Feel empowered – both personally and with the tools of analysis necessary – to carry out the above goals or, to phrase it another way, to feel motivated to actively and effectively engage with the world around them in socially productive ways.
  5. Undertake graduate work in anthropology or other disciplines at any institution, if they choose.

Degree Requirements

Sample 4-Year Plan (PDF)