Psychology Department: Overview


The solid foundation of the Psychology Department at Hawaii Pacific University is in the delivery of course work and the flexibility it affords students to focus on special areas of study. The psychology faculty's mission is to prepare and to inspire students to be active as both scholars and practitioners in the field of psychology. By seeking a better understanding of the human condition, our psychology graduates will have the knowledge and the skills to help make positive changes in the world.

The faculty provides a strong undergraduate level series of courses that focus on the foundations of psychological principles and methodology. We feel that such a focus will help to prepare students for admission into graduate programs as well as prepare them for an entry-level position in the human services and mental-health fields.

In addition, students may choose to enroll in courses that are designed to enhance personal growth and explore the interpersonal, cultural, and environmental concerns of our time. Students are encouraged to integrate the requirements of the program with their own interests and sense of purpose. Psychology faculty make every effort to cultivate and encourage students' imaginations, insights, and a respect for the spirit of inquiry that has fueled the field of psychology.

The Psychology Department strives to engage students with every opportunity to express their ideas and investigations through writing, in-class experiences, and fieldwork. They receive opportunities to work closely with faculty on research projects. They are also encouraged to participate in a variety of community-service programs. These fieldwork placements provide students with opportunities to explore the professional worlds of psychology.

As a function of the University's unique multicultural environment, students are encouraged to explore their basic values as well as those values of people from other parts of the world. This multiculturalism is incorporated into the curriculum and into extracurricular cross-cultural projects.