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According to some sources, there are around 450 million speakers of Spanish language in the world today, making Spanish the second most-spoken language (after Mandarin Chinese). Of that large number, between 300 million and 400 million speak Spanish as their first language. Here are some more interesting facts about Spanish:

  • There are 44 countries in the world that have 3 million or more Spanish speakers;
  • Spanish speakers are among the fastest growing population of Internet users;
  • In the US around 34 million people speak Spanish at home;

More reasons to study Spanish at HPU

According to Hawaii Hispanic News, there has been a 40% increase since the year 2000 in the number of Hispanic residents in the state. Hawaii's location in the Pacific Ocean offers a strategic link between Asia and the Americas. Millions of inhabitants along the American Pacific rim are Spanish speakers. As this number of inhabitants increases, so will the interaction between Hawaii and the Spanish-speaking world. Check out the following link for an interesting history of Hispanics in Hawaii.

The Spanish sequence at HPU begins with SPANISH 1100 and continues with SPAN 1200, 2100, 2200. Each college semester is roughly equivalent to one year of high school Spanish. We also offer upper-division writing, grammar, conversation, and culture and literature courses. If you have taken Spanish before and plan to continue at HPU, be sure to arrange through your academic advisor to take the Spanish Placement Exam (for more information go to the Center for Academic Success)

HPU offers undergraduate, degree-seeking students opportunities through our student exchange programs to study Spanish in Peru and in Spain.

Minor Requirements