What Graduates and Students Say

Ramona Ferreyra (Expected 2012) I am now with USPACOM as a program manager in the Public Private Partnership division within the Pacific Outreach Directorate. I cannot express how much all of you have contributed to this accomplishment! I can only hope I can be of assistance to you, and HPU as a whole, in this role. I am, of course, working on my thesis and look forward to putting this "enjoyable" experience behind me but am sure this role will afford me new opportunities to continue working with HPU and the various organizations you all have introduced me to on island.

Michael Daniels (Expected 2012) I would like to thank you for everything you and your team did to make studying at HPU a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. I wish you and your team health, happiness, and prosperity now and in the future.

Robert Heatherly (2011) "I recieved my transcripts yesterday and am stoked...yet sad that my DMS time has concluded. It is bittersweet. It has been the best 18 months of my life."...Hey Doc! Just wanted to say thanks again for all that you have done not only for me but for everyone here in the DMS program.  It really has been an incredible journey and one that I will take with me for the rest of my lfe.  The DMS program has really made me value education and truly enjoy it; it is because of the folks like you within it that made it happen.  Big mahalos and I will see you here shortly on the guys nite out. PS. Thanks again for the lei! 

Elnaz Amiri (2011) It is very seldom we come across genuinely good, wonderful people, whom all they desire it so create a harmonious balance for everyone around them. You  Dr Hart, are truly the epitome of that kind of goodness one captures every so often and your kindness sticks forever in the hearts and minds of everyone you encounter.

Erik Griebling (2009) My time in the MADMS program at HPU not only allowed me to experience a slice of paradise, but also fully prepared me for my Ph.D program by giving me the scholarly tools necessary to be successful.  The skill and dedication of my professors ensured that I got the most out my intriguing and highly-relevant course studies.  The open classroom atmosphere and high quality of the students led to many stimulating discussions that helped led me down new paths of inquiry.  I cannot say enough good things about my time in the MADMS program; mahalo to all those who made it possible!

Brian Guenthenspberger (2009) I just wanted to let you know that as a very satisfied grad of the Diplomacy and Military Studies program. I just wanted to send you all a quick word and see how things are going back in the land of Aloha! I am currently attending the Army's Intermediate Level Education Common Core Course (AKA Command and General Staff School). The curriculum is remarkably similar to the MADMS program there at HPU. We have lectures and discussions on Military Revolutions and RMA's, readings of Grimsley, Hansen, Millett, Paret, and many others. The instructor of the history portion of our course is a guy by the name of Dr. Ed Coss, don't know if his name rings a bell to any of you. A couple of our assigned texts are the Knox and Murray text that Dr Satterfield assigned to us for the Military Revolution class, as well as the Makers of Modern Strategy book that Peter Paret put together. We've incorperated Nye and Friedman into our readings as well. Additionally, we have a decent coverage of diplomacy classes, in addition to the standard Army and Joint doctrine classes. I just wanted to let you all know that you all are doing a great job with the mix of disciplines that make up the MADMS curriculum, and I am still implementing what I learned while at HPU in my current position, and anticipate continuing that on to my next training at the National Defense Intelligence College where my focus will shift more to strategic plans and policy, as well as on to my follow on job in strategic intelligence.

Steve Kachilla (2005) The graduate program is being put to good use in real world events.

Michael Doidge (2004) I'd like to say to both of you that while I know it took a great deal of tenacity of my part to get my career started, I owe a great deal to the selfless service of instructors like you, Dr. Hart and General Bramlett. The gap between where I was when I arrived at HPU and where I ended both in terms of my scholarship and professional experience was tremendous.  I cannot think of a better program to prepare me for the rigors of the PhD than HPU. Trained at the MADMS program, military history is my bread and butter. The big award (outside of the Harry J Carman) I received is the U.S. Center of Military History Dissertation award, which outside of the great money it provides for my dissertation research, the award is handed out only once a year to two scholars.  In the case of ALL of my awards, I owe a great deal to the tutelage of HPU's Dr. Russell Hart and General David Bramlett.

Ned Holt (2003) The entire HPU staff deserves a pat on the back from me, I wish I was there to do it in person. The masters put me over the edge in competition for the job. I've just got to pick an area and start studying the language.

Gayle Sollfrank (2002) HPU's Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Military Studies proved to be an exceptionally challenging and rewarding experience. The faculty members were not only experts in their field, but they were approachable and personable, and they demonstrated a genuine concern for the students in their classes as well as for the integrity and professionalism of the program as a whole.  There were three main reasons why I chose HPU's MA/DMS program. The first reason was the uniqueness of this program regarding its approach to the study of the historical relationship between diplomacy and military force. The second reason was because the faculty came from diplomatic, military, and professional career backgrounds, and finally, my decision was solidified by the location of the University. Hawai'i is a crossroads of cultures, historic and academic centers, and diplomatic and military presences from all around the globe, with a concentration of nations from the Asian countries, which was my focus of study. No other university offered this unique combination! It was the best decision of my academic and professional career.

Mark Knollmuell​er (2000) I want to thank you for your time, patience, and support for my efforts to be accepted into a doctoral program these past years.  My acceptance to the program (George Washington University Executive Leadership Program) is due in no small part to your support and strong letters of recommendation! I hope all is well out in Hawaii, and that this email finds you well and happy.  I plan to excel in this program, and will keep you apprised as to my progress.