What Graduates and Students Say

Mike McGregor (2011) I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the DMS program at HPU. 

Jarrett Rose (2006) As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science Diplomacy and Military Studies program at Hawaii Pacific University, I feel uniquely prepared to understand the national security challenges of today and the future from a historically based perspective.  The diversity of civilian, military, and international students presented me with different viewpoints that honed my own worldview.  The small classes and various expertises of the instructors at HPU provided me the mentorship I otherwise would not have had if the classes had been larger like at many other universities.  Moreover, the coursework of the Bachelor of Science Diplomacy and Military Studies program at HPU was instrumental in preparing me for my completion of graduate school.  Overall, the program is, and will assuredly be, one of the root causes of my success and future achievements. 

Sean Bensen (2005) I enlisted into the US Navy.  The degree I got opened a few doors for me, the Navy offered me an automatic promotion (once the time was served) straight to Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4), and the job of an Intelligence Specialist (Analyst).  As an analyst, the degree with the strong historical background has helped me tremendously.  I am currently a Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5), working at PACOM JIOC (Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center) Honolulu, Hawaii.

Moritz Poellath (German Exchange Student 2005) I'm very happy to let you know, that I've been awarded a generous grant by the "Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit. Now the last year of my dissertation is financial secure and I plan to defend my dotocral thesis in 2011. This morning I had the chance to teach the Versailles Treaty and in preparation remembered your roleplay exercise in the 3676 History class - I tried the same, because I believe its a great way to show the different positions of the Allies after WWI. So its time to say 'thank you' for your teaching back in Hawaii - it helped to prepare me for my dissertation and more.

Sara Horak (2003) I'm loving life and have been an Army Officer since graduation in May 2003. I immediately deployed to Iraq and spent the majority of 2004 in Southern Iraq. I had many opportunities using my diplomatic skills with the TCNs (Third Country Nationals) and was able to inculcate work and friendships building a bridge that resulted in successful medical care of Iraqi civilians and detainees. I spent 2005 and 2006 in Northern Iraq continuing the medical mission and actually went out on patrols and convoys spreading medical knowledge and care throughout Mosul and Tal Afar. I've always been grateful to have my BS in DMS, however, I knew I needed and wanted more. I was recently accepted into the Army/Baylor Master's in Healthcare Administration program and will begin in June 2009. I look forward to combining both degrees in being a successful mediator and advocate for hospital patients, Soldiers and civilians alike.