BS in Diplomacy and Military Studies

    DMS students take part in flag lowering ceremony during the overnight encampment
 on board the USS Missouri, 5 November 2011

The Diplomacy and Military Studies major at Hawai'i Pacific University is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the fields of historical and political studies and their various approaches and methodologies in order to understand better the role of the military as an institution within society. The program of study is constructed to give students historical, ethical, and practical perspectives on military affairs. Students enrolled in the program take a variety of courses that provide a broad context both in terms of chronology and geography. The B.S. in Military Studies develops the skills, base of knowledge, and moral awareness that will serve as preparation for a career as a leader, whether in today's military or in the private sector. Those same skills and knowledge base, however, are also useful in pursuing a graduate degree in history, political science, international relations, or law.

Program Objectives

Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy & Military Studies students will be able to:

  1. Discuss and apply the various methodologies and approaches to the study of history,  political science, and international relations in a military context.
  2. Place questions and issues concerning the role of the military within their chronological and geographical context to serve as a foundation for more in depth inquiries.
  3. Make use of critically reflective tools for interpreting pertinent historical, cultural, philosophical, and political issues.
  4. Articulate the moral and ethical concerns raised through the study of the relationship of the military to society and technology.
  5. Appreciate the importance of the military as an instrument for the preservation of peace rather than the waging of war.
  6. Serve as a responsible, moral, leader.
  7. Undertake graduate study in history, political science, international relations, and related fields.


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