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Turkey, North Korea, and China

Turkey and the Arab Spring

Henri Barkey

As the Arab Spring rolls on, the regional balance of power is shifting. Henri Barkey analyzes how Turkey is responding to the shifting landscape in the Middle East and whether it can serve as a role model for countries undergoing revolutions. | Read More 

Talks Set to Start with North Korea

Douglas Paal | Commentary

Six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear program seem likely to resume, but Douglas Paal cautions that the prospects for a satisfactory outcome to the negotiations have never looked worse. | More 

The Chinese Are Coming!

Douglas Paal | Commentary

Douglas Paal explains why China’s new aircraft carrier does not pose a major threat to U.S. forces or allies in the Western Pacific. | More

Expand Cities to Stop Dissent

Yukon Huang | op-ed, Financial Times

By reforming its residency restrictions and increasing the mobility of labor, China can reverse decades of rising disparities between its rural and urban citizens. | More

The Impact of the Kandahar Prison Break

Gilles Dorronsoro | op-ed, New York TimesThe mass escape from the main prison in Kandahar demonstrates the growing sophistication of the insurgency in Afghanistan. | More

A Conversation with Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi

| event |

At an event hosted by Carnegie, distinguished Iranian human rights lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi discussed the current state of Iran’s democracy and human rights movement. 

Upheaval in Yemen

Christopher Boucek |interview, PBS NewsHourChristopher Boucek explains that, despite plans by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, the country remains unstable. Many protesters oppose Saleh’s deal, al-Qaeda is expanding its presence in the country, and Yemen’s economy—the poorest in the Arab world—continues to falter. | More