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RSIS: Issue 11 April 15

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RSIS in the News

RSIS in the News

Sri Lanka Should Develop Infrastructure, Skills
Daily News (Sri Lanka), 12 April 2011, Ramani Kangaraarachchi

 India, US in East Asia: Emerging Strategic Partnership – Analysis
Eurasia Review, 12 April 2011, Manjeet S. Pardesi

Nuclear Power after Fukushima – Analysis
Eurasia Review, 11 April 2011, Barry Desker

China’s Maritime Disputes Fuelled by Need for Energy
Voice of America, 11 April 2011, Stephanie Ho

SL Should Focus on Doha Round - Deborah Elms2011, Dianne Silva
Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka), 9 April

The World Trade Organization says Sri Lanka Will Become the Strongest Economy of the Asia in the Near Future.
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, 8 April 2011

The Nation-State Still Matters in ASEAN
The Nation, 7 April 2011, Farish A. Noor

Myanmar Sanctions: Debate Intensifies – Analysis
Eurasia Review, 5 April 2011, Kyaw San Wai

Singapore Soldier Remorseful Over Pack-Toting Maid Incident
Jakarta Globe, 5 April 2011, Daryl Chin

The Arab Revolt: What It Means For US in Afghanistan – Analysis
Eurasia Review, 4 April 2011, Sophie Ng

RSIS Publications


No. 57/2011 dated 12 April 2011
After Japan: Waiting for Asia’s Next Big One
Yang Razali Kassim

Japan’s recent mega quake and tsunami have once again raised the question of whether this double calamity will recur, and where. While predicting earthquakes is virtually impossible, an awareness of the increasing risk of earthquakes is critical.

No. 56/2011 dated 12 April 2011
“Multiculturalism” in Europe: Losing Faith?
Tuty Raihanah Mostarom

Various European leaders have voiced their opinions and agreed that multiculturalism has failed in Europe. But what does the discourse actually mean?

No. 55/2011 dated 8 April 2011
Leadership Changes in SAF: Exodus or Renewal?
Samuel Chan

Many new faces will have assumed key appointments within the SAF in the last two months. This does not constitute an exodus of talent and will not impact the SAF’s readiness due to the systems and structures in place.

No. 54/2011 dated 8 April 2011
India, US in East Asia: Emerging Strategic Partnership
Manjeet S Pardesi

India and the United States are gradually emerging as strategic partners in Asia. What are the prospects of this strategic partnership for the region?

No. 53/2011 dated 6 April 2011
Nuclear Power after Fukushima
Barry Desker

Japan’s nuclear crisis triggered by the recent earthquake and tsunami has raised fundamental questions about the future of the global energy industry and energy security.

No. 52/2011 dated 4 April 2011
Urban Search and Rescue: Boosting Intra-ASEAN Self Help
Nah Liang Tuang

Natural disasters such as the earthquakes and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra in 2004 and in Japan most recently highlight the importance of qualified Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams. ASEAN’s lack of such vital rescue expertise needs to be addressed.

Working Papers

 No. 227 dated 6 April 2011
Assessing 12-year Military Reform in Indonesia: Major Strategic Gaps for the Next Stage of Reform
Leonard C. Sebastian, Iisgindarsah

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