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Dr Jims Chinatown Tour Sat 14 May, 10 to 12 Noon

Dear Chinafiles, China Historians, and others,

This tour is totally voluntary, but EXTRA CREDIT for attending.

ALL and ANY guests (folks, grandfolks, kiddies, grandkiddies, spouses, friends, enemies, whoever) are cordially invitedJ.
Those who enjoyed the field trip to the Mu-Ryang-Sa Korean Buddhist Temple will enjoy this tour, especially the opportunity to compare both tours/both cultures.

We will begin at the Chinese Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) Temple (click on the attachment to this Email for the map; the Temple is the building you see on the grounds of the Foster Botanical Garden, click on attachment “# 079” for a picture of the front of the Temple).
You can park on Vineyard Blvd in front of the Temple, or in the Chinatown Cultural Plaza parking structure (see map again). Avoid the temptation of parking at Zippy’s; 90% chance that you will be ticketed/towed.

Lunch is voluntary at the end of the tour(serendipity; but I always like my Taiwan meal at the “Seasons” right there in the Chinatown Cultural Plaza, where we end the tour).

We will go to the Japanese Shinto Temple, the Chinese markets on King St., the Maunakea Mktplace, the Confucius Plaza, and the Chinatown Cultural Plaza to visit my favorite Chinese herbal shop, my favorite Chinese bookstore (also eng. Lang. pubs), and finish at the C-town CP Kuan Yin statueJ.
Two hours total. Casual wear, walking shoes, umbrella, bottle of water, $$ small bill change for purchases/meals---NO ATMs nearby---, camerasL.
Not to pin you down, but if you could give me a tentative count (you plus guests=total) so that I can coordinate with the Buddhist nuns at the Kuan Yin & the Priest at the Shinto Temples.


Dr. Jim