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New Tuition Rates

Hawai’i Pacific University has approved tuition rates for its campuses and programs for the 2012-13 academic year that seek to create better cost balance for students and avoid a blanket increase of all tuition.

With the establishment of the new rates, the university has also moved aggressively to provide nearly $2 million in additional aid to minimize impacts on continuing students most heavily affected by the changes. For students who are completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, no additional application is necessary to be considered for these funds. Students who do not submit the FAFSA form, including international students, should fill out the Holomua Scholarship application, which is expressly for continuing HPU students.

While the new rates increase tuition for some students, they lower or leave unchanged rates for many others. And they do so in the context of tuition pricing that is lower at HPU than its peer institutions and that has been widely recognized in university rankings as offering tremendous value. A 2010 Bloomberg Businessweek study, for instance, rated HPU as providing “the best return on investment of any undergraduate degree in Hawai’i,” while HPU is rated one of the nation’s “best buys in higher education” by Baron’s. 

“Higher education is essential to career advancement in most professions today, and we recognize the critical importance of ensuring that the costs of attendance are as affordable as possible,” said HPU President Geoffrey Bannister. “The rates established for the coming school year seek to contain those costs, recognizing they represent only part of the overall expenses incurred by students, and to create equity and balance among our many academic programs and student populations.”

In determining tuition rates for the coming year, HPU undertook a study to look critically at charges both at its own campuses and at peer institutions. The study was helpful in creating a more logical pricing structure and in identifying areas where increases could be minimized or avoided entirely.  Among the key points to know in understanding the new  rates: 

  • Tuition for full-time undergraduate students will increase to $9,250 per semester, except for students in Marine and Environmental sciences and Nursing.  Marine and Environmental sciences majors will experience no increase.  Freshmen and sophomore nursing students will see the same increase as other full-time undergraduates, while juniors and seniors will only experience a 3 percent increase.
  • Graduate tuition will increase by 3 percent.
  • Tuition is being increased 3 percent for the shorter summer and winter sessions, but undergraduates in Marine and Environmental sciences and juniors/seniors in nursing will see decreases of 20 percent and 17 percent, respectively, during those sessions. Summer sessions remain one of the best education values offered at HPU, with tuition costs that are substantially lower than the rest of the academic year.

Complete information regarding the tuition rates recently approved by the HPU Board of Trustees is available at www.hpu.edu/2012tuition

HPU recognizes that economic conditions are still challenging for many students and families. In recognition of that and to help connect students with aid options, HPU has extended the “priority deadline” for continuing student to complete the FAFSA for by two weeks to March 15.

Information and assistance for FAFSA is available at http://www.hpu.edu/financialaid/ApplyforFinancialAid.html. Information on financial assistance of all kinds is available at the HPU Financial Aid website.