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Aloha Fellow Learners,

I would cordially invite you to meet Professor Robert Dienesch who is a finalist for the DMS faculty position as replacement for Professor George Satterfield. Professor Dienesch will be visiting campus on Monday 4-Tuesday 5 June and I would like to invite you to participate in two opportunities to meet and interact with Professor Dienesch.

Robert Dienesch is a specialist of 20th Century Military and Naval history.  He is an intelligent and articulate military historian who has the potential to make great contributions to the Diplomacy and Military Studies (DMS) program and to the History Department.  He has published on Cold War intelligence operations and submarine/naval history.  Rob also has a breadth of teaching experience in military history and would be able to offer a variety of courses on such topics/areas as: Military Historiography, History of Military Thought, the Cold War, WWII, Naval Operations, Intelligence Studies, and US military history.

His public events are:

On MONDAY 4 June from 4.00-5.15pm there will be a MEET & GREET with Professor Dienesch in the FS Conference Room (1166 Fort St., Room 202.)

On Monday 4 June from 6.00-7.00pm Professor Dienesch will present to, and lead discussion on “Mahan and Corbett”, in Professor Allan Millett’s HIST 6860/4661 History of Military Thought Seminar in MP 246.

You are cordially invited to attend both events. We look forward to you interacting with Professor Dienesch and hearing your impressions of his suitability to join the DMS faculty at HPU. If you plan to attend either or both events, please RSVP to me.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 4th of June.

Warm aloha,
Russell A. Hart, Ph.D.

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