M.A. in World History

M.A. in World History

This degree is being considered for implementation soon. 

I.  Graduate Certificate in World History (15 Credits)

          HIST 6011        Seminar: Approaches to World History

          HIST 7101        Teaching and Research Methods for World History

Plus three courses from Comparative/Thematic Courses and/or Regional Concentrations

II. M.A. in World History (33-36 Credits)

A. Curriculum [An asterisk denotes courses are already being offered at Hawai‘i Pacific University]

1. Core Courses (3 credits):

                      HIST 6011      Seminar: Approaches to World History

2.  Comparative and Thematic Courses (12 credits):

          HIST 6061                  Seminar: Modern Imperialism 

          HIST 6062                  Seminar: Modern Revolutions

          HIST 6063                  Seminar: Atlantic System

          HIST 6065                  Seminar: Modern Nationalism

          HIST 6066                  Seminar: Comparative Slavery

          HIST 6067                  Seminar: Gender   

          HIST 6090                  Seminar: Topics in World History 

          *HIST/PSGL 6340      Seminar: Environmental History       

          *HIST 6622                Seminar: The Military Revolution  

          *HIST 6670                Seminar: History of Genocide                       

3. Regional Concentrations (9 credits):

Choose three from at least two of the following regional concentrations in history:

European History:

          HIST 6101        Seminar: Ancient Mediterranean

          HIST 6151        Seminar: Medieval Europe

          HIST 6221        Seminar: Early Modern Europe

          HIST 6231        Seminar: Modern Europe

American History:

          HIST 6401      Seminar: US History to 1865

          HIST 6402      Seminar: US History since 1865

Asian History:

          HIST 6300        Seminar: Chinese History   

          HIST 6320        Seminar: Japanese History

        Pacific and African History:

          HIST 6551        Seminar: Pacific Islands History

          HIST 6556      Seminar: Hawaiian History 

          HIST 6571        Seminar: African History

4. Supporting Fields (6 credits): Choose two of the following:             

                        Art History:                 ARTH 6011Seminar: World Art History

                        Classical Studies:        CLST 6011 Seminar:  East-West Classics

                        Literature:                   LIT 6011Seminar: Gender Studies

                        Philosophy:                 PHIL 6011 Seminar: World Philosophies

                        Religious Studies:       REL 6011 Seminar: World Religions

          Education:                 *ED 6460 Curriculum and Instruction

            *ED 6462 World History for Social Studies Teachers

                         Political Science:       *PSCI 6151 International Organization

                                                 *PSCI 6661 The Politics of Terrorism

                                                  *PSCI 6610 Politics of Developing Nations

5. Capstone Courses (3-6 credits)

Plan A–For terminal MA students:

            HIST 7101    Teaching and Research Methods

Plan B-For students planning to pursue a doctorate                                      

             HIST 7101      Teaching and Research Methods

             HIST 7201      Thesis Paper