You Know You're A History Major When


  1. You know where the history section in at least 3 different book stores are.
  2. You find the Black Death European Tour shirt on Cafe Press the most funny thing you've seen in a long time
  3. You read all three volumes of Gibson's Decline and Fall of the Rome Empire for fun.
  4.  You find dead people interesting
  5.  "You no longer consider Latin a dead language but a form of entertainment"
  6.  You know how to properly use Chicago footnote style
  7.  "You know you’re a history major when you tell people you were born in the wrong century"
  8.  You can make snide remarks about how the French lost the Indochina War by catching the Dien Bien Flu
  9.  When you know more dead people than living
  10. You refer to the history channel as the Hitler channel
  11. You disagree with the history channel
  12. You can do proper citations in your sleep
  13. You enjoy writing papers as much as you enjoy sex
  14. You're more familiar with past European heads of state than you are with some of your own relations.
  15. You can tell people that the ingredients for beer was the first thing planted upon reaching Virginia.
  16. The only form of citation is CHICAGO STYLE!!
  17. You know that a revolution within a country isn't always going to turn out the way it started!!!
  18. The saying: "Loath thy father love thy grandma/father" is familiar within royal families!!
  19. You know you are a history major when you are amused by town names in the U.S. that have historical European counterparts (i.e. Antioch, California)
  20. You know you’re a history major when someone asks you what your major is and when you tell them the first thing they ask is ARE YOU GOING TO TEACH
  21. When someone says they're a Goth you wonder why they're not attacking Rome
  22. No one wants to watch period films with you, because you point all the little mistakes that no one else cares about.
  23. You can check a book out from the library relating to history and it hasn't been checked out for at least 20 years!
  24. You’ve read at least 20-25 books detailing WWII by the day you also know the true operation codename of d-day in June, as well as operation body guard, and that ULTRA was built by the British with some Polish help
  25. You know you are a history major when you've heard the joke about the book of possible careers for a history major being one page long FAR too many times.