History Department: Alumni News

Where are they Now? And What are they Doing?

BA in History

Matthew deMoraes (2011) is a Research Associate at the Platforum in London, England.

Victoria Mallott (2009) Is a volunteer at the Arizona Memorial Museum at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu.

Kim Hawkins (2008) Is currently pursuing an MADMS degree at HPU.

Trevor Tresselle (2008) Has returned to Hawai'i and HPU, where he is studying for a MADMS degree.

James McGrath (2007) Is a drummer, music producer, & audio engineer, living in Osaka, Japan.

Scott Nolan (2007) After studying for a M.A. degree at Norwich University, Scott is now a Global Content Aggregation Consultant at World Affairs Journal.

Austin Auger (2005) After studying at a language school in southern California, Austin is now acting in Los Angeles while living in Malibu.

Aaron Martin (2005) Is proprietor of his own business in Los Angeles, California.

BS in Diplomacy and Military Studies

Javier de la Torre (2007) Attended the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School.

Jeremy Kambel (2006) Is a police officer in the Honolulu Police Department.

Malynda Magnussen (2006) Is an analyst for the U.S. Air Force.

Ryan Thornton (2006) Is Vice President of Insurance Services, Bank of Hawai'i in Honolulu.

Richard Cass (2004) Works as an All Source Intelligence Analyst for Lockeed Martin in Tampa, Florida.

Steve Thompson (2004) Is Chief of Korea Analysis section for the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command at Hickam Air Force Base, Oahu, Hawai'i.

Edward Bristol (2000) Works for the U.S. Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait City.

John 'Jay' Smoot (2000) Is a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy based in Pensacola, Florida and went on to the MADMS degree program.

Angela McGuire (1999) Is working for Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., in downtown Honolulu.

MA in Diplomacy and Military Studies (MADMS)

Justin "J.J." Bishop (Expected, 2012) Is a researcher and analyst for Invertux Corporation in Washington, D.C.

Alan Chang (2011) is an intelligence analyst for US Pacific Command on Oahu, Hawaii.

Eddie McDonough (2011) HPU BSBA (International Business) graduate. Married Laura Genocci in Coccaglio, Italy in June 2010. They met at HPU in 2007 and now live in Florida.

 Erik Griebling (2009) is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Department of History at Temple University. He recently passed his comprehensive exams. His dissertation examines  Office of Secret Services clandestine activities in Italy and their impact on the Axis war effort. 

Rob Heatherly (2011) has been promoted to the rank of major in the US Army.

Corey Givens (2008) is a student at the School of Advanced Military Studies at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Dell Epperson (2008) is currently a U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer.  He served as the Professor of Naval Science, running the Naval ROTC program, at Auburn University.  He currently serves as the Chief of Staff to the Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific at Pearl Harbor.

Brian Guenthenspberger (2008) Is an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army.  He will also publish two articles based upon research undertaken at HPU. The Military Intelligence Corps Association has agreed to publish a paper Brian wrote for Captain Schuster's STSS 6600 20th Century Intelligence Operations class on “Intelligence in the Battle of the Atlantic” in their professional journal The Vanguard. In addition, the Indiana Historical Society will publish an article on the Atlanta Campaign derived from a chapter from Brian’s professional paper on 123rd Indiana Infantry in the Civil War in their professional journal Traces.

Jay Kaji (2008) is an Assistant Product Manager for the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Alabama.

Eckhard Ruetz (2008) is a Department Integrator for Value Added Production Systems at BMW in Munich, Germany.    

Pedro Vasquez (2008) is about to retire from the US Navy after twenty years service, including thirteen years as a linguist. He has become a screenwriter in recent years and is currently writing his third screenplay.

Michael Wilcheck (2008) is an Associate at Credit Suisse in New York.

Mike Joenks (2007) is an Acoustics Instructor for ESP Inc. on Oahu, Hawaii.

Phil Grathwol (2006) Is the Commanding Officer of MAG-42, Detachment B, at Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia.

Louie Milojevic (2006) has been awarded the Samuel Flagg Bemis Dissertation Fellowship for doctoral dissertation research on US-Canadian foreign relations at the American University.  He was also awarded with a one semester fellowship at NYU's Center for the United States and the Cold War to work on his dissertation, "Building Tito Land."  This is a residential fellowship with a stipend of $22,500.  He also received a grant in aid from the University of Minnesota's Immigration History Research Center and a month in-residence position to support his doctoral research on Yugoslav-U.S. relations and immigrant identity during the Cold War. 

Kim Delewski (nee Gress) (2005) is an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC. She ahs previously worked at Evidence Based Research and at Cubic Defense Applications.

Stephanie Damann (nee Young) (2005) is a Senior Research Analyst at National Defense University in Washington, DC. She has previously worked for Association of Historical Dialogue and ResearchBooz Allen Hamilton and the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.

Erik Henderson (2005) is Production Manager, CUBIC Applications Inc., Honolulu, Hawai‘i, and an adjunct professor of History at Hawai'i Pacific University.  He also published "The Impact of Confused Allied Intelligence on the Munich Crisis" in World at War Magazine Issue #4.

Steve Kachilla (2005) has been facilitating the operational assesment of the US HQ execution of Operation TOMODACHI, the US response to the tsunami disaster in Japan. The assesment has been used by DOD and the U.S. Embassy as a reference point for briefing the operation. He is currently an operational Planner at the US Navy Pacific Fleet Command on Oahu, Hawaii.

Janja Rebic Avgus (2005)  is Instructor of Political Science at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Kim de Vidts (2005) is a HR & Communications Project Leader at KBC Bank & Verzekering in Brussels, Belgium.

Kimberly Gress (2005) is a Senior Consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.C.

Stephanie Young (2005) is a International Security Analyst and Education Associate at Association of Historical Dialog and Research.

Michael Doidge (2005) is an adjunct assistant professor at the Command & General Staff College, and has published a highly acclaimed co-edited book on the Vietnam War entitled Triumph Revisited. Read the review of the work in this summer’s issue of Foreign Affairs: Triumph Revisited: Historians Battle for the Vietnam War; The Columbia History of the Vietnam War.  He is also currently pursuing his PhD examining the corporatization of the US Army in the 1946-1964 period at Southern Mississippi State has just won a US Army Center for Military History Dissertation Fellowship to conduct sustained archival research at the CMH Collection

Eric Boger (2004) is a Director of Strategic Decision Support, iJET International Inc, IJET Intelligent Risk Systems.

Scott Dedels (2004) is a Regional Employee Benefits Manager at Great-West Life in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Hapgood (2004) is an adjunct instructor at Rappahannock Community College.

Amy Lowe (2004) is an instructor of history at Polk State College, Winter Haven, Florida.

Eric Boger (2004) is Director of Threat & Security Programs, iJet Intelligence Risk Systems, Washington, D.C.

Aminata Diaw (2003) is pursuing a doctorate at the University of Albany, in Albany, New York.

Carole Maisoneuve (2002) is an Attache for Francophone Representation  with the Permanent French Representative to the UN General Assembly in New York City. She has formerly worked as an Indonesia Country Specialist with Amnesty International, and as an Asia and Southwest Oceania expert for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Defense, and at the French St Cyr Special Military School.

Justin Vance (2002) is an Assistant Professor of History, and Assistant Dean of Academics, Military Campus Programs, Hawaii Pacific University.

Toby Voigt (2002) just completed his doctorate in War Studies from King's College London. He was one of the early MADMS graduates and went on to help facilitate the US Army civilian schooling program that sent many more officers to our program over the years. Major Tobias Vogt is now on the Faculty of the National Defense Intelligence College, School of Science and Technology Intelligence, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.  

Michael Lutche (2002) is currently employed as a supervisory analyst at the Department of Justice.

John Glover (2001) currently works for Booz Allen Hamilton in downtown Honolulu.

Lisa Hershiser (2001) is currently a Senior Project Manager Market Operations Health Reform Implementation and Dual Special Needs Plans at Wellcare Insurance in Tampa, Florida.  She previously served as a Legislative Director at the Maryland General Assembly.

Susumu Kato (2001) is an Assistant Manager for Techno Systems in Tokyo, Japan.

Dennis Precord (2001) is an Export Control Analyst for the Office of the Secretary of Defense in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mark Knollmuell​er (2000) has been accepted into George Washington University Executive Leadership Program, a doctoral Program (EdD) in Human and Organization Learning.