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History Department: Dan Binkley Prize

For those with excellent student work in their hands this academic year:

Announcing the 2010-2011 Daniel Binkley Student Paper Prize Competition

The Daniel  Binkley Prize is an academic competition which distributes cash prizes to the best HPU undergraduate student papers in world history, an interdisciplinary field that addresses issues/patterns such as gender, art, migration, disease, conflict and food ways over time and often engages in cross-cultural and comparative examinations of the human experience.

None of the prize winners last year were history majors, which should serve to demonstrate the inter-disciplinary nature of the field and encourage instructors at HPU in any college or discipline to submit papers they judge worthy.

A total of $300.00 was awarded to student scholars last year. Wining papers have demonstrated the role Africa played in the evolution of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a world leader, examined how kava drinking traditions have reached across the Pacific and across time to give meaning to Hawaiian life today, highlighted the role of the international drug trade in third world revolutions, and demonstrated how oral history can illuminate the human cost of the economic collapse through an oral history of a American woman who lived during the Great Depression.

Papers written for courses from May 2010 to May 2011 are eligible. For further information about the competition, please contact Professor Marc Jason Gilbert at mgilbert@hpu.edu and 808-544-1169.

Jacqueline Ruby, a fall 2008 graduate of HPU’s East-West Classical Studies Program, won the first prize of $150.00 for her essay on Gandhi and Africa. The second place award of $75.00 went to Laura Russell, Anthropology major, for her study of kava traditions.  The third place award of the same amount this inaugural year was awarded to Sara Ortiz, an International Relations major. That only one history major was a prize winner this year is strong evidence of the field of world history’s interdisciplinary character and should serve to encourage instructors at HPU in any discipline to submit papers they judge worthy of this competition. 

The Daniel Binkley Prize was established to honor HPU Professor Daniel Binkley, who was instrumental in securing a National Endowment for the Humanities grant that fueled a resurgence of the teaching of the humanities at HPU and ultimately enabled the creation of an endowed Chair in World History at HPU.  The prize was established by the first holder of that Chair, Marc Jason Gilbert, and is privately funded by Gilbert and fellow HPU historians Allison Gough and Jocelyn Cardenas to a level that has permitted the award of multiple prizes.