Associate of Arts in General Studies

Hawai’i Pacific University offers the Associate of Arts degree in General Studies to students enrolled through Military Campus Programs upon completion of 60 semester hours of required and elective subjects. The AA in General Studies can be tailored to lead directly into most Bachelor programs. In the degree, students complete the entire common core of lower-division general education courses, including two cross-theme requirements. 

 Program Objectives: 

  •  Students understand communication as a process and can critique information and opinion; demonstrate competence in writing, computer use, verbal discourse, and group dynamics; comprehend the functions and impact of the mass media and information technology.
  • Students understand that the interaction of many systems holds the global community together and that these political, economic, organizational, scientific, and cultural systems cross both national borders and disciplinary boundaries.
  • Students learn to use suitable modes of inquiry and their own judgment to propose solutions to complex problems.  They develop the ability to verify, evaluate, test, and place that knowledge in the broad spectrum of solutions that are appropriate to the area of inquiry.
  • Students will engage with diverse individual, social, and aesthetic value systems and will develop respect for differences within and among these values and choices.  Students will develop and/or refine a conscious value system that directs their own behavior.
  • Students learn about the values and lifestyles of contemporary and historical cultures throughout the world as a means of understanding diverse approaches to life and as a catalyst for reflecting on their own customs and choices.

Degree Requirements

The program requires completion of the General Education Common core as well as enough additional credits to reach a total of 60 semester credits.  View details of Degree Requirements

Residency requirement: Students must complete at least 15 semester credits in residence with Hawaii Pacific University; at least six (6) credits must be from the degree’s list of required courses. Non-traditional transfer credits (military and credit by examination) may not exceed 36 hours.

Students who wish to major in multiple Associate degrees must complete at least five (5) additional, unique HPU courses per degree.