English Department: Why Study English at HPU?

Here we offer four reasons. By exploring our site you can get a taste of the literary life at HPU, meet some of our majors, review our curriculum, see a "Who's Who" of department faculty, and learn what well-known people majored in English in college.

1 Choice and Flexibility

  • Requirements focus on concepts, rather than on specific texts or courses, so they can be fulfilled through many different combinations of courses.
  • Students can specialize in literature, creative writing, film—whatever suits them.
  • Minimum requirements, maximum electives.

2 Global Orientation       

  • An emphasis on student writing means that the content of all courses is as diverse as HPU’s student body. 
  • A world literature course in teh sophomore year serves as the foundation for the major.
  • In addition to American and British literature, courses include Asian literature, world literature, postcolonial literature, film studies and more.

3 Emphasis on Writing

  • Program offers extensive opportunities for creative writing as well as editorial and internship opportunities, our student and professional literary journals, and student creative readings every semester.
  • Students who want to work even more extensively on their writing can complete the Writing Minor by taking only three additional courses.

4 Option to move right into Master of Education 4 + 1 Program

  • Students may opt to take only five years to get their English B.A. and their Master of Education degree in teaching English by enrolling in the Education Program’s 4 + 1 Program (contact Dr. Mani Seghal, mseghal@hpu.edu). 


For a B.A. in English, please refer to the list of requirements.  All English majors must also fulfill the required 36-credit General Education Core.

For a full list of the mission and objectives, please refer to the program rationale and objectives or contact the department chair, Dr. Kathleen Cassity, for further information (kcassity@hpu.edu, 808-356-5235).