English Department: Planning and Course Selection

The following courses are currently enrolling for Summer 2013.  You may click on the linked course title or specific section to view a course flyer. 

English Gen Ed Courses

ENG 2000 Introduction to Literature Summer 4-A

          Section AO Dr. Mark Tjarks Online

ENG 2201 Literary Utopias and Dystopias   Summer 1

          Section AO Dr. Christy Williams Online     

Writing Gen Ed Courses

WRI 1100 Analyzing and Writing Arguments Summer 6-B

          MWF 2:00-4:25, Staff

WRI 1200 Research, Argument and Writing 

        Section AO Steven Robinson Online Summer I (Full Session)

        Section B 11:00-1:40 MWF David Falgout Summer 6-A

       Section D  9:00-12:30 T-Th Angela Gili Summer 6-B 

Upper Division English Courses

ENG 3206 British Comic Literature Summer 6-A

          Hybrid: Online & Th 1:00-4:30, Dr. Kathleen Cassity  (Online only students will be accommodated)

ENG 3101 Shakespeare on Screen Summer 6-A

          Section AO Dr. Mark Tjarks Online