English Department: Planning and Course Selection

The following courses begin enrolling for Spring 2014 on Nov. 5.  You can click on the linked course title  or specific section to view a course flyer.   

ENG 1500 Ways of Reading: Literature, Film, Writing 

MWF 10:45-11:40, Angela Gili

ENG 2000  Introduction to Literature

Section A MWF 9:400:35  Dr. Deborah Ross
Section B TR 10:50-12:15  Dr. Adele NeJame
Section CO Dr. Patrice Wilson Online
Section D TR 12:30-1:55 Dr. Christy Williams

ENG 2201 Literary Utopias and Dystopias

Section AO Dr. Mark Tjarks online 

ENG 2203 Banned Books

TR 2:05-3:30  Dr. Micheline Soong

ENG 2520 World Literature II

TR 10:50-12:15, Dr. Kathleen Cassity

ENG 3145 Nonfiction Film Documentary, Docudrama Historical Film

Section AO Dr. Andrew Opitz online

ENG 3226 Hawai'i Writers

MW 1:20-2:55, Dr. Micheline Soong

ENG 3228 Fantasy Literature

MW 11:50-1:15 Dr. Christy Williams 

ENG 4300 Seminar in Contextual Criticism

F 11:50-2:55 Dr. Deborah Ross

WRI 3320 Scriptwriting 

Online, Dr. Mark Tjarks

WRI 3330 Fiction Writing

T R 12:30-1:55, Mr. Tyler McMahon

WRI 3510  Composition Studies

F 8:35-10:35,  Ms. Angela Gili

WRI 3951 Staff Reader, Hawai`i Pacific Review

Section AHY W 3:05-4:00 Mr. Tyler McMahon

WRI 3953 Managing Editor, Hawai`i Pacific Review
Section AHY W 3:05-4:00 Mr. Tyler McMahon