English Department: Planning and Course Selection

The following courses are currently enrolling for Fall 2013.  You can click on the linked course title  or specific section to view a course flyer.   Looking for Summer?

ENG 2000  Introduction to Literature

Section A MWF 12:55-1:50 Dr. Laurie Leach

Section B T R 9:10-10:35  Dr. Deborah Ross

Section C T R 2:05-3:30  Adele NeJame

Section DO Dr. Patrice Wilson Online

Section EO Dr. Mark Tjarks Online

ENG 2101 Representations of Pacific Life

         Section A MWF 10:45-11:40 Dr. Patrice Wilson

ENG 2201 Literary Utopias and Dystopias

           Online Dr. Andrew Opitz section AO  

ENG 2203 Banned Books

 Section AO Online Dr. Laurie Leach

ENG 2301 World Film Studies

           MWF 11:50-12:45 Dr. Andrew Opitz section A

 ENG 2510 World Literature I

           MF 11:50-1:20, Dr. Micheline Soong

ENG 3135 Japanese Literature

           TR 10:50-12:15, Dr. Micheline Soong

ENG 3202 Literature of Slavery

            Online Dr. Laurie Leach, section AO

ENG 3251 Sex, Power and Narrative

            M F 1:25-2:55  Dr. Deborah Ross

            ENG 3330 Film Theory and Criticism

            TR 2:05-3:30, Dr. Houston Wood

ENG 4120 Seminar in Modernism

            M 5:15-8:30, Dr. Micheline Soong

WRI 3310 Poetry Workshop

            T R 9:10-10:35, Adele NeJame

WRI 3320 Scriptwriting

            R 5:15-8:10, Dr. Mark Tjarks

WRI 3340 Creative Nonfiction

            W 11:50-2:45,  Dr. Kathleen Cassity

WRI 3391 WANDERLUST: Student Literary Magazine

            TR 12:30-1:55, Tyler McMahon

WRI 3510  Composition Studies

            F 8:35-10:35,  Ms. Angela Gili

WRI 3951 Staff Reader, Hawaii Pacfic Review

            Hybrid online and some W 3:05-4:00, Tyler McMahon  (1 credit course)

WRI 3953 Managing Editor, Hawaii Pacific Review

            Hybrid online and some W 3:05-4:00, Tyler McMahon (3 credits--only 2 positions; see Tyler for more information)