English Department: Planning and Course Selection

About Four Year Plans

Four year plans help students to see how the degree can be completed in four years. They are not meant to dictate what specific courses students will take. The English major is very flexible, as is the general education program, and students can meet their requirements with many different combinations of courses.  The plans list the name of each requirement and then a course that could meet that requirment. Requirements written in bold type should be completed in the particular semester shown. If a course is also shown in bold type, students must take that specific course. Otherwise, students can complete  a particular requirement with any course that meets that requirement and in any semester, as long as all prerequisites have been satisified. It is suggested that students finish the lower division major requirements by the  end of the fourth semester, finish the general education common core by the 4th or 5th semester, and take the UD major requirements throughout the 4th through 8th semesters, with the senior seminars in the final two or three semesters.  

Basic Four Year Plans

Sample Four year plan for students entering in Fall 2010

Sample Four year plan for students entering in Spring or Fall 2011 or Spring 2012  (includes ENG 1500)

 Sample Four year plan for students entering in Fall 2012  (includes capstone portfolio)

Plans for combining a major and minor.

Many students will want to consider a minor in another field.  Here are some examples.

English major with a journalism minor

English major with an accounting minor

English major with a writing minor

English major with a film studies minor