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Wanderlust Release Party

 Come celebrate the publication of Wanderlust XIV with pizza and readings from the journal.

 Wed. Feb. 15 in LB 610  3:05-4:00

 Wanderlust is HPU’s Student literary magazine featuring the art work and writing of HPU students.   The magazine is edited by students in WRI 3391  Wanderlust: Student Literary Magazine which is offered each Fall with professor Tyler McMahon.


AL Talk # 2 Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Language Learners


Friday Feb. 3  3:05-4:30 in MP 245

* Do you have a (language) teaching job?

* Do you have a favorite activity that “works every time?”

* Did you take the CALL class in Fall 2016?

* Did you create some teaching materials in another class?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have something worth sharing with your peers. This AL Talk  is an “open mic” event that provides a low stress but professional setting for students to get presentation experience.

AL (Applied Linguistics) Talks are hosted by the BA and MA TESOL Programs.


AL Talk #1  Accent Acquisition: A Pronunciation Workshop”


It is not easy to define accent, but anyone who has tried to learn or teach language can understand these questions:


 Do you have difficulty with accent in the languages you have tried to learn?

 Do you have difficulty helping your students with accent in the languages you teach?

 Do you know somewone who could use help with his or her accent?

 Do you wonder how entertainers, actors and singers can perform using new accents?

If so, “Accent Acquisition: A Pronunciation Workshop” may be for you.

Friday, January 27 at 4:10 in MP 245.

Anyone interested in languages, linguistics, or language teaching is welcome.


AL Talks are hosted by the BA and MA TESOL Programs.

TESOL = Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language