English Department: Minors

The English Department offers three different minors.

Minor in English

Studies in English at HPU may include literature (poetry, fiction and drama), film, composition and literary theory, cultural studies, literary history, creative writing, expository writing, and literary magazine editing. The English minor is well-aligned with our recently updated English major, giving students more flexibility and access to a wider range of exciting, cutting-edge classes.

Degree Requirements

Minor in Writing

The Writing Minor at Hawai'i Pacific University emphasizes real-world writing experience and portfolio development in a collegial setting with excellent computer resources. Graduates who complete the writing minor and an appropriate accompanying major are prepared to work in most fields of industry and public life, including business, high-technology industry, government, publishing, research, and nonprofit organizations.

Degree Requirements

Minor in Film Studies

The Film Studies Minor develops a historical, critical, and practical perspective for understanding the cinema. The program examines films as texts in broad cultural and intellectual contexts, drawing on interdisciplinary courses offered in Communication, English, Philosophy, Political Science, and Writing.

Degree Requirements