English Program Faculty

Tyler McMahon

Associate Professor of EnglishTyler McMahon


M.F.A., Creative Writing, Boise State University, 2007

B.A.,  English,  University of Virginia,  1998

Courses Frequently Taught:

WRI        1200       Research, Argument and Writing

WRI        3330       Fiction Writing Workshop

WRI        3391       Wanderlust: Student Literary Magazine

ENG         2202       Popular Fiction

ENG         2000       Introduction to Literature

ENG         3812       American Folk Ballads



Kilometer 99. St. Martin's Press, 2014.

How the Mistakes Were Made: A Novel. St. Martin’s Press, 2011.

Fishing’s Greatest Misadventures (Editor) Casagrande Press. 2008

Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures. (Editor) Casagrande Press. 2006

Work in Journals

“Feel This” Spring 2011 in Hawai‘i Review

“Deal with the Stinging.”  January 2010 in The Antioch Review

“The King of All One-Liners.” Fall 2009 in The Minnesota Review, Number 73

“Any Given Mexico.” Summer 2009 in The Apalachee Review, Number 59

“Driving Our Disaster.” Winter 2009 in The Hawai‘i Review, Issue 69 vol.30 no.2 

“Between Nothing and Air.” Summer/Fall 2008 in Sycamore Review, Vol. 20 issue 2

“The Thing and Where It Is.” October 2008 in Descant Vol. 47

“A Pocket Guide to Male Prostitution.” May 2008 in Overtime Chapbook Series (Blue Cubicle Press) Hour 4

“The Longest Wave.” March 2008 in Passages North, Volume 29, Number 1

“Simple Compounds.” February 2008 in Barrelhouse, Issue 5

“Not Even Sweet.” November 2007 in Sex in a Tent (Wilderness Press)

“Sleeping with the Dogs.” July 2007 in The Threepenny Review, Issue 110

“A Pocket Guide to Shoplifting.” Spring 2007 in The Madison Review, vol. 28 no. 2

“The Darkness and the Popcorn: An Interview with Denis Johnson.” Fall 2005 in cold-drill, Issue 35

Favorite Literary Quatations: 

"I have never been able to understand the complaint that a story is "depressing" because of its subject matter. What depresses me are stories that don't seem to know these things go on, or hide them in resolute chipperness; "witty stories," in which every problem is the occasion for a joke; "upbeat" stories that flog you with transcendence. Please. We're grown ups now."  -Tobias Wolff

"As the spirit wanes the form appears"  -Charles Bukowski