Nonprofit Sector

HANO -- Hawai'i Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations

National Council of Nonprofits -- a site which contains an extensive list of national and international job, internship and volunteer positions

Editing, Publishing and Freelance Writing

Jobs in Publishing:

Association of American Publishers

ACES -- American Copy Editors Society

Freelance Writing

Teaching and Education

There are many domestic and international teaching opportunities available for recent graduates.

JET Program -- Teaching English in Japan

Teaching Abroad -- various positions

*Note: before traveling to a foreign country to take a teaching position, be sure to do your homework to make sure you are going to a safe location and working with a reputable organization.

Teach for America

National Association of Independent Schools

Certification Requirements -- links to different certification requirements needed to teach in different states.


Many volunteer positions offer room and board and/or modest pay in exchange for service.  This can be a way to gain experience before or after graduation.


Kupu Hawaii

Peace Corp

Careers in Business

Careers in Business

National Human Resources Association

Hawai'i Job Engine

Government Jobs

U.S. State Department

Federal Jobs and Internships

White House Internships

Tips on how to apply for Federal Jobs

National Park Service

U.S. Army


Coast Guard

Marine Corp