School of Education: Director's Message

Mani SehgalAloha Future Teacher,

Welcome to the Hawai‘i Pacific University School of Education Website! I am delighted that you are considering a career in teaching!  Teaching is indeed a noble profession, and as a teacher, you will have the rare and wondrous opportunity to make an everlasting difference in the life of a child. You will teach and you will inspire; you will make miracles, and you will foster greatness in your students.

I am also so pleased that you are considering our university as a place to complete your program of professional preparation. In this truly innovative, field-based, inquiry-oriented, and technology-rich program, you will have many opportunities to create meaningful learning experiences for diverse students. You will present them with content in clear, challenging, and compelling ways, and you will collaborate with other teacher candidates, colleagues, and families to forge a learning community at your school.

Our faculty and staff are committed to your growth as a professional educator. We will equip you with all the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to ensure your success. As a first step, we have prepared this website to provide you with some valuable information about our degree programs.

If you have any questions,or if you would like me to provide you with additional information, do stop by my office, call me at 543-8046, or email me at  

As your 'ohana, we are committed to your success!


Mani Sehgal