M.Ed. in Secondary Education: Degree Requirements

Key Features

The M.Ed. in Secondary Education is:

  • Standards-driven: its curriculum is aligned with professional, state, and institutional standards.
  • Field based: teacher candidates engage in 450 hours of clincal practice experiences schools under the guidance of mentor teachers who have been handpicked by school principals.
  • Content-focused: HPU faculty, who are content area experts, teach in the program.
  • Technology-rich: features web-enhanced courses and an electronic portfolio assessment system.
  • Assessment-oriented: requires continual classroom observations, along with key embedded assessments, a professional portfolio, and nationally-normed tests of content knowledge.

Admission to the School of Education

Admission to the degree programs in the School of Education at Hawai'i Pacific University is based on academic ability and potential for success. Academic ability is evaluated by the applicant’s past academic performance and recommendations.

In addition, admission to the School of Education at HPU will include an admissions interview. Professional work experience as well as involvement in organizational or community activities that demonstrate the applicant’s ability to work with young people will also be used in the evaluation of the applicant.

Applicants who have not satisfied prerequisite course requirements may still apply to the School of Education degree programs. However, prior to admission to the School of Education, students will be required to complete the required prerequisite courses.

In addition, applicants for the School of Education’s graduate programs must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or an equivalent degree from another country. All applicants must submit certified copies of their postsecondary transcripts showing completion of the undergraduate degree, plus 2 confidential recommendation forms. These recommendations should be from professors, counselors, employers, and others who can attest to the applicant’s potential for success at the graduate level and potential as a professional educator.

When reviewing an application for graduate admission into the School of Education, several factors will be considered:

  • an acceptable cumulative GPA
  • a passing score on the admissions interview
  • verification of content knowledge as indicated by: 
    • a passing score on the PRAXIS  II Content Knowledge Test, or
    • sucessful completion of an academic major in the content area, or
    • 30 semester credits in the content area

 A holistic approach is used, and no one factor excludes an applicant from consideration. The University seeks students who have demonstrated the ability and motivation to do academic work as well as a positive attitude toward children.

Degree Requirements

Teacher candidates pursuing the Master of Education in Secondary Education must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate work.

To prepare for licensure in secondary education, teacher candidates must first complete seven seminar courses in secondary education, one content area concentration course in curriculum and instruction, and the capstone clincal practice and clinical practice seminar courses, for a total of 36 credit hours.

 Master of Education in Secondary Education Degree Requirements