Spur Awards Judge

Spur Awards

(HONOLULU – Sept. 9, 2009) Dr. John Hart, professor of Communication at Hawai‘i Pacific University and previous nominee for a Spur Award, has been invited to serve as a judge for the prestigious 2010 Western Writers of America Spur Award. Hart will judge entries in the Best Western Nonfiction Historical category.


In 2009, Hart’s volume “Custer and His Times: Book Five” was nominated in the Best Western Nonfiction Historical category, and four individual essays were nominated in the category of Best Western Short Nonfiction. Hart also served as a judge in the 2009 Best Western Nonfiction Contemporary category.


Hart’s essays have earned him the Lawrence A. Frost Literary Award, History Book Club: Book of the Month selection, and a nomination for the Robert M. Utley Western History Award. Hart is also the editor of “Custer and His Times: Book Four.”


His scholarly research is in the area of myth in popular culture. Hart has been invited to testify to the United States Senate, and the National Parks Service regarding the public policy issues of the naming of national monuments. He was a featured guest on the History Channel’s Live from Pearl Harbor Emmy-nominated special, and was a featured speaker at the 60th and 65th anniversary Pearl Harbor Attack Symposiums.


Spur Awards are given annually for distinguished writing about the American West, and are among the oldest and most prestigious in American literature. Past Spur Award winners include Larry McMurtry for Lonesome Dove, Michael Blake for Dances With Wolves, Glendon Swarthout for The Shootist, and Tony Hillerman for Skinwalker.