Mult students make TV segments for Olelo and OC-16

Students in Dr. Pete Britos' MULT 3360 Writing for New Media course will be collaborating with Olelo and OC-16 to produce interview-based television programming throughout the Spring 2011 semester.  Interviews will be featured on existing shows, such as ThinkTech Hawaii and Asia in Review.  Students will gain the opportunity to step into real world roles of writers, producers, crew, talent, and hosts, and will also gain studio access. 

Several hour-long segments for Olelo and half hour programs for OC-16, will be co-branded with HPU, showcasing student talents and increasing the visibility of the new Multimedia & Cinematic Arts programs in the community. Interviews will focus on current topics of of interest, such as Honolulu rail, Hawaiian Telecom TV service, geothermal, sustainable agriculture, and technological advancements in the K-12 systems, to name a few. Look out for these engaging programs which will be aired on Olelo and OC-16, starting [AIR DATE?], and will also appear online.

Congratulations to our MULT students on this great collaborative opportunity.