Marcie KagawaHPU Student Wins Society of Professional Journalists Award Third Year in a Row

For the third year in a row, an HPU student and Kalamalama staffer has won the Society of Professional Journalists statewide award for student writing.

At the June 28 banquet recent HPU Journalism grad and former Kalamalama staffer, Marcie Kagawa won four writing awards. She wrote the articles while working as an intern for Hawaii Business magazine last year.

In the category of Student News Reporting in Any Media

* First Place went to “Tax Pyramid” by Marcie Kagawa in the April issue.

* Marcie also won the only finalist award for “Hawaii Struggles to Level the Playing Field” in October.

In the category of Student Feature Reporting in Any Media

* First Place went to “A Computer for Every Student” by Marcie Kagawa in November.

* Marcie won a finalist award for “Heaven or Hell” in August.

Congratulations to Marcie from the Kalamalama staff.