Debate Team in California

Congratulations to students from the Sea Warrior Debate Society for their strong showing at the US Universities Open debating tournament in Claremont, Claifornia Sept 30th-Oct 2nd. After eight rounds of debate, our students finished in the overall rankings above teams from University of California Los Angeles, Texas State, University of Michigan, Claremont McKenna College, St.John’s University, University of La Verne, Santa Monica College, and University of Hawaii.

 Topics at this tournament (listed below) were announced 15minutes prior to debates starting.

1. This House opposes birthright citizenship.

2. Human caused environmental catastrophes should be classified as crimes against humanity.

3. It is unethical for corporate executives to earn more than their workers.

4. Africa should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council

5. Governments should collect the DNA data of arrested persons.

6. Insulting a religion should be considered hate speech.

7. This House would deny the right to strike.

8. In cases involving the death penalty it is unethical for jurors to apply the law.

To prepare for surprise topics, Cody Corcelius, Tim Lussier, Megan Jensen, and Craig Ursuy read and listened to international news, participated in practice rounds every week and used research briefs that they and other members of the Debate Society wrote in anticipation of possible topics. These debaters and others will compete in an upcoming tournament at the University of Hawaii-Manoa on Nov. 6th. Registration is open to all HPU students and motions are announced a month in advance. This tournament especially welcomes novice debaters.

Topics for this semester’s UH tournament are:

1. Islamaphobia is a greater threat than terrorism.

2. The Death Penalty should be abolished.

3. Dolphins, porpoises and other high primates should have the same rights as human children.

Debate practices are held Tuesdays and Thursdays in MP 240 from 3-5pm. All students are welcome to watch and participate in practice debates and research. For more information, visit our webpage at or contact the Director of the program, Rose Helens-Hart at .