BA Multimedia Cinematic Production

Multimedia Cinematic Production

Imagine the World HIFF Theatrical CardThe Multimedia Cinematic Production degree prepares students to work and produce in the audio-visual, mass media, information and entertainment industries.  The major focuses on developing multiple media literacy competencies, analytic abilities and narrative skills.  In this program, students can choose a capstone project focusing on a Creative Narrative Production or a Documentary Production.  The applied audio-visual, graphical and online skills that students learn are informed by a foundation in communication and critical analysis, and an emphasis on writing and narrative design.  The program is both field and studio-oriented with students required to work as individuals and collaboratively on a variety of creative and fact-based projects.  Students have the opportunity to write, produce, shoot, edit and publish their original work.  They also have the opportunity to work on public broadcasts, and with our international film festival partners.

HANDS ON EXPERIENCES  The production work students do for class often takes them into the Hawai’i community where they engage in creative narrative productions, documentaries, professional web design, illustration, photography, television and radio production, competitive art and other activities.  Students are required to write, design and publish with laptops, mobile and pad devices, as well as the old fashioned way, with pen, paper, journals, and other collaborative media. 

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