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MCA Production Tool Kit and Production Forms

The below forms and links are found online for your convenience at under the Production Tool Kit Link.  Feel free to download and make copies of these production forms for your Production Workbook.

MCA PRODUCTION HANDBOOK  Your Guide to Checking Out Equipment, Production Forms, Important Contact Info, and more...

Mandatory Production Forms

Production Release Forms

Other Helpful Forms

State Permits for Location Shooting on State Property:  Students are required to obtain permits for location shooting.  HPU provides insurance coverage for students enrolled in designated production courses during the term of those courses. For additional information, please speak to your professor about obtaining permits and permission to shoot on location. 

Here is a link to the Hawaii State Film Office Permit Application Form.

Additional permit information and links

Film permits are required for all filming activity, commercial or non-commercial, which will take place on public locations. As the liaison between government and filmmaker, the Hawaii Film Office works closely with other State agencies, the county film offices, federal agencies within the state, and private property owners to help filmmakers determine the permits they need to film in public areas.

The Hawaii Film Office is the central coordinator for filming use of locations administered by the State of Hawaii, such as parks, beaches, harbors, highways, and state facilities. The county film offices coordinate permits for locations under their respective counties, such as city streets and buildings. If you are unsure about which entity has jurisdiction over a particular location, please contact us.

State permit applications require your signature before submission and are designed to be faxed directly to the Hawaii Film Office at (808) 586-2572. Permits must be submitted one week prior to the date of shooting.

City and County of Honolulu Permits for Location Shooting on City and County Property:  Students are required to obtain permits for location shooting.  For City and County of Honolulu there are some quick permitting options you should be aware of.  Below are some handy links:

City and County of Honolulu Film Office FAQ

Applications and Other Forms for City and County of Honolulu Film Office