Media and Cinematic Arts Diretor Pete Britos shoots at Makapuu with Journalism Student Andrea VoldAt HPU, our two Media and Cinematic Arts (MCA) baccalaureate programs, BA Multimedia Cinematic Production and BA Integrated Multimedia, combine digital imaging, web design, electronic publication, audio-video production and nonlinear editing.  Our programs stress hands-on project-based learning.  Students write, direct, produce, shoot, digitally manipulate and publish projects privately and publically on the Internet and other platforms. 

As well students receive grounding in the history of modern media systems and critical discourse about TV, cinema, mobile design, games, animation and other emerging media and technologies.  Our programs differ from other universities in that we require students to address a full array of design and production tools from photoshop to indesign, to adobe illustrator, audio-video production and nonlinear editing, motion graphics, web design and traditional photography.  This allows students to become not only highly valued workers in production and narrative-oriented industries like adpr and commercial production, but to become self-sufficient, autonomous producers.
HPU Students shoot audio-video in ChinatownThe islands of Hawai’i are a renowned location for cinematic and television production in part because of the varied topography and micro-climates available including tropical vistas, mountain forests, rain forests, jungles, swamps, desert, volcanic terrain, exotic beachfront and everything in between.  As well, the island of O'ahu, where our campuses are located, has many thriving cultural communities and a rich variety of local peoples and visitors to engage with.  

The production work students do for class often takes them into the Hawai’i community where they engage in creative service learning, fiction and documentary production, professional web design, digital illustration, photography, television production, radio, motion graphics and animation, and other activities.  

Multimedia Student Jasmine Spearing shooting a documentary in South Africa

For the Integrated Multimedia degree program an Internship Practicum is required and facilitated by the department. Students can choose a company in the community to work with.  Internships students work at include:  Clear Channel Communication, Time-Warner Cable, the Honolulu Marathon, the Hawaii International Film Festival, KHON-TV, KHNL-TV, KITV-TV, Thinktech Hawaii, PBS Hawai'i and a range of other production companies and advertising and PR agencies.

MCA prepares students to work in a wide array of information and entertainment industries including traditional communications, advertising, public relations, web design, graphic design, photography, cinema, television broadcasting, radio and journalism.  Many of our baccalaureate students will go on to pursue graduate level degrees in a broad range of subjects:  communication, multimedia, cinema studies, information sciences, art and design, journalism, strategic communication.

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