Minors in Communication

The Department of Communication offers six different minors. Each requires six uppper-division courses.


The Communication Studies minor recognizes the modern study of communication builds on the foundation of rhetorical studies by recognizing that much communication is now mediated and by considering relevant social science as well as rhetorical research in the area.

Degree Reqirements


The Global Communication minor recognizes in our world, communication is all-pervasive. This calls for the broadest possible vision of the global sign network and an understanding of the sense of the role each of us must play in it.

Degree Requirements


The Journalism minor focuses the gathering, interpretation, and presentation of information upon which we base our decisions. Students learn to interview, and to gather data from multiple sources in an era of media convergence. They learn to present that data quickly, accurately, and objectively.

Degree Requirements


The Multimedia Minor provides in-depth engagement with contemporary multimedia software tools across multiple platforms.  Students will need to address digital imaging, photography, web design and motion picture production amongst other options. 

Degree Requirements


The Speech Communication minor emphasizes on oral communication techniques, built on a foundation of communication theory and research.  The program encompasses the oldest and core part of the Communication field, descending directly from the study of rhetoric, an original part of the classical trivium.

Degree Requirements


The Strategic Communication minor is a fresh approach to traditional separate minors in Advertising and Public Relations and reflects today’s integrated industry. It allows students to build a marketable minor around their interests, learn traditional advertising and public relations skills, and meet industry needs.

Degree Requirements