Masters of Communication

Masters of Communication

Master of Arts in CommunicationWhy study MA in Communication at HPU?

HPU’s Masters in Communication (MACOM) program helps students become distinguished professionals who can successfully engage, entertain, and persuade audiences. MACOM students learn to describe and analyze communication from theoretical perspectives useful for careers in business, government, political and media-related fields. The MACOM degree provides an overview of communication theory, research and intellectual property, while allowing students to take their electives in specialized areas such as advertising/public relations, multimedia, communication studies and new/social media.

In this age of global, instantaneous communication, people who can gather data, translate it clearly and accurately, then present it dynamically and persuasively are in great demand. Communication is the fastest growing career field in the world, according to the Institute for International Education.

Communication skills are essential to success in every career. It is estimated that 75 percent of a person's day is spent in communication. Therefore, Hawai'i Pacific University's graduate degree builds successfully upon undergraduate degrees in every discipline and enhances success in any endeavor.

Master of Arts in Communication provides an interdisciplinary approach integrating skills, theory, and knowledge. Critical thinking is stressed in each course so that graduates will be prepared for rapid change in communication industries. The MA/COM prepares students for doctoral study, or careers in advertising, mass media, public relations, entertainment, broadcast or print journalism, the Internet, or education. Students develop critical thinking and analytical ability. Epistemology is emphasized throughout the curriculum and students will be able to gather primary data, conduct analysis, and apply their findings to the creation and implementation of communication programs. They will be able to express their ideas logically, clearly, concisely, and dynamically both in writing and through the spoken word. They will also appreciate the social, political, economic, and cultural implications of media on world markets. 

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Meet Our Students
Katherine Culliver, Alumni



Katherine Culliver MA COM graduate, 2006

I'm Katherine Culliver, I received both my undergrad and graduate degree from Hawaii Pacific University. My educational background includes an MA in Communication and a BA in Public Relations. I definitely enjoyed my 4 years on the tropical island of Oahu. There is nothing like waking up to 75 degree weather all year round; however, in spite of the tropical breezes I remained focused on my educational goals. I returned to the mainland in 2006 and hit the ground running in pursuit of a career in some facet of Marketing. I am now pursuing my Doctorate in Education and Organizational Leadership from the University of La Verne and work as an adjunct professor at two community colleges in Southern California. Upon my completion of my Doctoral degree, I look forward to a career as a full-time professor. My passion for education and marketing, makes my career choice a very fun and fascinating journey.

Lisa Chuang MA COM graduate, 2006

I chose the MA COM program at HPU because it offered a wide range of areas within the field of communication and allowed me the freedom to explore my personal areas of interest. Other programs at other universities offered only specific areas within the field, such as public relations or journalism, but HPU had a broader program that allowed me to explore many areas within the field and at the same time allowed me to specialize in specific areas. I completed my Ph.D. in Communication Information Sciences at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2014 and currently teach as an Adjunct Professor at HPU and UH Manoa. While I was an MA student at HPU, I knew that I was going to pursue an academic track and continue on to my Ph.D. in order to become a college professor one day. HPU prepared me for my current Ph.D. program through the guidance I received throughout the program and especially while working on my Master's Thesis. The encouragement I received from my professors to publish the findings of my thesis in an academic journal ultimately led me to pursuing my Ph.D. HPU offers opportunities for both kinds of students: those seeking professional training and those pursuing an academic track.

Lalit ( Cherry) Kanavivatchai MA COM graduate, 2010

The time goes by so fast: It has been a year since I graduated from HPU. And a year since I last received the superb guidance from all of you at the Department of Communication. It is hard to believe it went by so quickly! The academic and life experience at HPU helped me grow both in my professional and my personal life. Thank you all for that priceless experience. Every one of you helped me get this far in my career. Currently, I work as a Senior Strategic Planning Manager in Bangkok. The work is very demanding, but it is intellectually fulfilling. It is a great opportunity to handle a wide range of brands and learn about different types of consumers.

May you all be happy, healthy, and generous professors forever.