Masters of Communication

Graduate Certificate Program in Mediation and Conflict

Department of Communication launches Graduate Certificate Program in Mediation and Conflict

The graduate level Certificate Program in Mediation and Conflict at Hawaii Pacific University provides post-baccalaureate training for professionals, students, and individuals who seek a better understanding of the nature of conflict and appropriate and effective methods to settle disputes in business, professional, personal, and social settings. 


The program provides training for individuals who require extensive client contact, as well as those who want to develop knowledge in persuasion and negotiation.  Graduates will also be able to employ the communication skills necessary for a successful mediation practice.  The program entails 180 hours of instruction and supervised practice--far more than any other mediation training provided in the state.

The certificate program provides a foundation of communication-based mediation skills and advanced instruction in applied communication, conflict, persuasion, negotiation, and mediation practice.

Specific Student Learning Outcomes include

  • Improve foundational and applied communication skills.
  • Gain knowledge into how differences in behavior, culture, and gender affect people and situations.
  • Develop confidence in interviewing, intervention, negotiation, mediation, and conflict management to assist groups or individuals to come to an agreement on issues or outcomes.
  • Recognize specific ideological differences that collaborate in communication breakdowns.
  • Design and apply effective communication techniques through learned conflict management and mediation skills.

Participants in the program will be taking graduate-level courses within Hawaii Pacific University’s Department of Communication.  Courses are designed for working professionals, current graduate students, and returning students who wish to enhance their professional and personal skills in applied communication. 

Participants need not be enrolled in a Hawaii Pacific University graduate program and are eligible to take courses in the Certificate Program in Mediation and Conflict if they have completed a baccalaureate degree (i.e., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science) at an accredited U.S. university.  Exceptions may be granted by the Chairman of the Department of Communication to individuals based on professional experience. 

 Upon successful completion of all required coursework with a minimum 3.0 grade point average, and upon filing a Completion of Program Form, students will be awarded a Certificate in Mediation and Conflict.

Mediation and Conflict Program Requirements