As of Fall 2015, the Journalism major has been changed to the Mass Communication major, which is a combination of both Journalism and Advertivising and Public Relations programs. Students interested in this area of study should see the course conversion list.

 Why Study Journalism?

jourThe skills acquired in Journalism are useful in any field. Journalism can provide competency in gathering information; establishing veracity and credibility; clear, precise writing; skillful editing; a mastery of photography, video, audio, graphics and design; plus the ability to effectively present information in print, broadcast or digital forms. These skills are valuable and will enhance any career.

Why Study in Hawai‘i?

Many people believe that we are in the Asian century. Some of the world’s fastest growing nations with the most dynamic economies are in Asia. HPU, at the heart of the Pacific Region, is the American university that is ideally positioned to become an educational and cultural center in the new Pacific-Asian economy. Also HPU offers the intellectual and theoretical framework for humanities-based journalism study, plus a faculty of hands-on, professional journalists with many years of experience in print, broadcast and digital newsrooms.

Program Objectives

Students who major in journalism will be prepared to:

  • Think critically and write clearly, concisely, correctly, and in an appropriate style for print, broadcast, or Internet media
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic journalism theory
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and an ability to apply principles and practices of journalism law and ethics, including development of personal standards and an analytical system for resolving ethical conflict
  • Demonstrate dynamic, effective, and persuasive oral, written, visual and digital communication skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to practice journalism: i.e., to function as reporters, writers, editors, photographers, videographers, and/or web, digital and graphic designers
  • Present information in all available media: print, radio, television, web or multimedia

Hands on Experience

The program places a strong emphasis on internships with professional news media, government and professional communication organizations. Most of our majors take internships for academic credit in print, broadcast, magazine and digital media operation in Hawai‘i and on the Mainland or abroad. Many of our majors do a semester of study abroad. The practicum experience allows students to observe, understand and appreciate how a modern media organization works. It is extremely useful in allowing students to assemble résumés and professional portfolios, and also network with professionals in the field — skills vital to finding employment after graduation. On campus, we have the Kalamalama, our award-winning campus newspaper. Working as a Kalamalama staff member gives students the opportunity to get published in print, on the web, and in other digital media. The Kalamalama also offers training in video and photography.

Career Options

The opportunities for journalism are rapidly changing as the field undergoes a transformational stage not seen since the invention of the steam press. Times of change are times of opportunity. Aside from print, broadcast and digital media, nearly every field is looking for talented people who can gather, write, edit, present and disseminate credible, reliable information in a variety of formats. This includes public relations; and a vast range of communication opportunities in the corporate, government, education, non-profits, and small business fields. Additionally, many of our students who continue their studies by earning a Masters in Communication find a rich variety of opportunities await them.

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