BA in Communication


FIRST YEAR (32 credits)

First Semester

COM 1200                  Foundations of Communication (GE – Communication Skills B)

MARS 1000                Introductory Oceanography (GE– Global Systems A)  

THEA 1000                Introduction to Theater (GE – Values & Choices B)

WRI 1100                   Writing and Analyzing Arguments (GE – Communication Skills A)

Language                    ARB, CHIN, FR, HAWN, JPE, KOR, LAT, or SPAN (LD Requirement)

Second Semester

COM 1400                  Critical Reasoning and Rhetoric (GE – Research & Epistemology A)

COM 2000                  Public Speaking (GE – Communication Skills C)

GEOG 1500                                World Regional Geography (GE – World Cultures A)

PSCI 2000                   Introduction to Politics (GE – Values & Choices A)

Language                    Two semesters of the same language (LD Major Requirement)

SECOND YEAR (30 credits)

First Semester

COM 2500                  Sex, Gender, and Communication (LD Major Requirement)

COM 2640                  Argumentation and Debate (LD Major Requirement)

PHIL 1000                  Introduction to World Philosophies (GE – Values & Choices C)

PSY 1000                    Introduction to Psychology (GE – Research & Epistemology C)

SOC 1000                    Introduction to Sociology (GE – World Cultures B)

Second Semester

COM 3000                  Mass Media (UD Essential)

COM 3200                  Interpersonal Communication (UD Context Requirement)

CSCI 1041                   Digital Literacy in a Global Society (GE – Cross Theme)

MUS 1000                   Introduction to Classical Music (GE– World Cultures C)

PHIL 2090                  Principles of Logic (GE – Research & Epistemology B)


THIRD YEAR (33 credits)

First Semester

COM 3250                  Communication Research (UD Essential)

COM 3320                  Persuasion (UD Essential)

COM 3340                  Nonverbal Communication (UD Elective)

MULT 2060               Modern Media Systems (GE – Global Systems B)

PHYS 1020                 Astronomy (GE – Global Systems C)

Second Semester

COM 3300                  Intercultural Communication (UD Elective)

COM 3770                  Media Literacy (UD Elective)

COM 3900                  Communication Theory (UD Theory)

PHIL 3651                  Environmental Ethics (GE -UD Citizenship)



FOURTH YEAR (30 credits)

First Semester

COM 3010                  Advanced Career Skills (UD Elective)

COM 3420                  Business Communication (GE – UD Research & Writing)

COM 3670                  Legal Communication (UD Advanced Application)



Second Semester

COM 3950                  Communication Practicum (UD Essential)

COM 4900                  Seminar in Communication Criticism (UD Essential)




Abbreviations: GE = General Education, LD = Lower Division, UD = Upper Division

This sample four-year plan is intended to serve only as an example of a schedule that would fulfill University requirements for graduation. Individual students have a wide range of choices to meet both General Education and Department of Communication course requirements, please consult an academic advisor or the HPU Academic Catalog for more details.