College of Liberal Arts Overview

The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is one of five colleges within HPU that deliver classes and academic programs. This page gives you a general orientation to the college along with links to more specific information. Feel free to email the college if don’t find the information you’re looking for.

CLA is made up for five departments, each responsible for a group of related academic programs. You can go a department’s page by clicking on its name in the list below or to the right, or you can go directly to the page for a specific academic program by clicking on its name.

CLA is home base for more than 60 faculty members. Each of them is devoted to HPU’s mission of creating “an international learning community” that prepares “our graduates to live, work, and learn as active members of a global society.” In addition to their commitment to quality interaction with students both in and out of the classroom, many are actively involved in academic research. You can learn more about these faculty members, their interests, and their accomplishments on the department and program pages.

Students in CLA academic programs participate in a wide range of activities outside the classroom, ranging all the way from musical ensembles to clubs. The “Clubs/Activities” links above will take you to a list of all these clubs with links to their own webpages so you can get a feel for all that is available for you in CLA.

CLA faculty and students are also active in the community. Many academic programs have internship opportunities—both paid and unpaid—for academic credit. Most programs have community advisory councils that help to shape responsive curricula and connect students, faculty, and administrators to the world outside the classroom. And every program has alumni putting what they have learned to work in the world. Find out more on the pages for departments and programs.