College of Liberal Arts: Dean's Message

CHSS Associate Dean William Potter


Thank you for your interest in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at Hawai‘i Pacific University.  In many ways, our College is as diverse as Hawai‘i itself, bringing together talented performing artists, gifted writers, visionary thinkers, and dedicated professionals. But what unites us is our shared commitment to the liberal arts and to providing our students with the intellectual tools they need to become leaders in a global community.

We live in an exciting time of change and innovation, in which formerly impregnable boundaries are breaking down on almost a daily basis. The people who will thrive in such an era will share a number of traits. They will have well-honed critical thinking skills. They will communicate effectively and across multiple media. And they will move seamlessly between multiple languages and cultures.

A strong liberal arts education provides the foundation for each of these essential traits. For that reason, the employment opportunities for our graduates are truly limitless. Our alumni include doctors, teachers, businesspeople, military officers, college professors, attorneys, and dozens of other public servants and leaders in the private sector. In fact, with the power of a liberal arts education, you may go on to create careers that don’t even exist yet!

At CLA, we are especially proud of our strong tradition of faculty-student interaction. Our professors know that teaching is their #1 job, and their commitment shows both inside and beyond the classroom. Many CLA faculty are nationally known scholars in their field, and they are always happy to bring students into the research process. With the help of our faculty, you can take your studies to distant countries, join an award winning debate team, perform before live audiences, work as a student journalist, or see your writing published in a literary journal—and that’s only a taste of the opportunities that await you!

I hope you will make the College of Liberal Arts an important part of your HPU adventure.

Mahalo nui loa,
J. William Potter, Jr., Interim Dean