Minor in East-West Classical Studies


The program in East-West Classical Studies brings a comparative perspective to the traditional study of classics.  Providing an intellectual inquiry into the literature, arts, theatre, philosophies and religions which emerge from magnificent periods of pre-modern cultural creativity, the program explores how 'Golden Ages' rose and fell, how they came to be considered 'Golden' and their products 'classics' and how subsequent generations defined and continue to define themselves in light of the classical.  Because of HPU’s Pacific island location and richly diverse ethnic populations, students of the program are exposed to a unique array of perspectives on the study of classical materials, from both the East and the West.  

Student Learning Outcomes for East-West Classical Studies

1.    Students will be exposed to classical literary canons and artistic expressions from the golden ages of Asia and Europe.
2.    Students will grasp enduring themes in classical literary masterpieces, as these themes continue to resonate into contemporary times.
3.    Students will explore the representations of gender, class, ethnicity, religion, and warfare in ancient societies.  
4.    Students will understand the social and religious customs which supported personal and cultural engagements in the ancient world.

Degree Requirements