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Cardenas, Jocelyn
Instructor, Humanities

Office Location: 1064 Bishop Street, UB 500
Phone Contact: 544-0206

Cardenas HUM

Jocelyn Cardenas teaches a variety of humanities and literature courses both in the classroom and on-line primarily for the Military Campus Programs. She received her B.A. from the University of San Francisco (1980). In 1987, she completed an M.A. in Humanities from California State University, Dominguez Hills with an independent study on Yukio Mishima's Sea of Fertility tetralogy and a creative fiction project entitled, "My Old Man."  She also holds a Master in Library and Information Studies (1996) with a focus on reference services for academic and public libraries. In 2002, she completed the M.A. in English from the University of Hawaii at Manoa focusing on narratives in electronic environments. She is currently working on her doctorate in English.  Her areas of interest include Victorian novel and intellectual history, film studies, and travel writing. In 1975, after nearly twenty years of study, she received her professional stage name or the rank of natori in Japanese classical dance and, in 2007, Jocelyn completed a Directed Reading and Practicum on Victorian novelist George Eliot in Florence, Italy. She has a passion for travel and adventure.

MA thesis-abstract

Artistic Accomplishiment

hashibenkei kikuzukushi
Hashi Benkei. Bando Mieshizu.
Jocelyn Fujikawa
McKinley High School Auditorium,
Honolulu, Hawaii. 1975.

Kiku zukushi. Jocelyn Fujikawa.
McKinley High School Auditorium,
Honolulu, Hawaii. 1963.