BA in Theatre (Individualized Major)

BA in Theatre


Selected students who wish to make Theater their main concentration work with the Theater Program Coordinator and an advisor to devise a program of study tailored to fit their specific needs, leading to an individualized Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater.  For example, some individualized Theater majors choose to focus on performance, in which case we advise them to take all of our Acting and Performance courses and possibly some Directing courses as well. They can also supplement this major with courses in Music, Communication, or the Media.  Some theater students are interested in a double major.  Students interested in playwriting or screenwriting, for example, may wish to combine their theater major with English or Literature. Students interested in Theater Management will combine their theater major with Management courses.  Our goal is to meet the individual needs of each student.

The Individualized Theater Major can help prepare students for careers in the performing arts,  art management, theater administration, marketing, the media, journalism, writing, public speaking and human relations.

Sample Degree Program for BA-Individualized Major in Theater

Actual degree programs for individualized majors will differ somewhat based on individual interests.  Below is a sample showing how the individualized major may be organized.


General Education Common Core (Refer to Gen. Educ. chart) (45 credits)

Lower Division Major Courses (9 credits)

(No more than 2 THEA courses can also count for Gen. Educ.)
THEA 1000 Intro to Theater (Values & Choices B)
THEA 1400 Intro to Technical Theater/Production I (Com Skills C)
THEA 2320 Acting I (World Cultures C)


Upper division General Education (6 credits)

Research & Writing Course – any
Global Citizenship or Service Learning course - any

Upper Division Major Requirements (39 credits)

THEA 3420 Acting II
THEA 3500 Applied Technical Theatre
THEA 3520 Acting III
THEA 3620 Directing
THEA 4520 Advanced Acting
THEA 4520 Advanced Acting (repeatable course)
THEA 4900 Seminar in Theater
THEA 4950 Theater Performance
THEA 4950 Theater Performance
THEA 4950 Theater Performance

Major elective – require 9 credits
THEA 3600 Advanced Tech. Theatre or THEA 3620 Directing (repeatable course)
Plus 6 credit from:

- COM 3260 Exploring Film
- WRI 3320 Scriptwriting
- MUS 3030 Musical Theater
- MUS 3100 Theater Music of the World
- ENG 3321 Western Dramatic Literature
- PHIL 3501 Philosophy of Arts and Aesthetics
- THEA 3xxx – 4xxx


The number of unrestricted elective credits needed will vary depending on the number of credits that overlap between the general education requirements and the major requirements, but students will need to earn enough college-level credits to reach a total of 124 semester credits.

For more information regarding the individualized Theater major, please call or email:

Joyce Maltby, Professor of Theatre
Office Location: Hawaii Loa Campus
Office Phone: (808) 236-7917