BA in Humanities: Concentration Areas


The concentration in Religious Studies is designed to acquaint students with the broad scope of world religious traditions and to help students understand the roles of religion in history and in contemporary life. Students encounter a range of perspectives on, for instance, what constitutes "religion," how different traditions address questions about life’s meaning or meaninglessness, how religion is embraced and expressed, and the constructive and destructive force of religion in society.

Student Learning Outcomes for Religious Studies
1.    Students will become familiar with the historical development of different religious creeds and practices.
2.    Students will understand religious ideology as a significant cultural force in human societies.
3.    Students will learn to recognize the artistic and narrative imaginations of different religious traditions. 
4.    Students will master some theories which attempt to explain religion as a cultural product.

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Margo Kitts, Ph.D.
Professor of Humanities and Religious Studies
Coordinator, Religious Studies and East-West Classical Studies

Office Location: 1188 Fort St. Mall, Mezzanine #4
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