The Baccalaureate degree in Nursing, Master's degree in nursing and Post-graduate APRN certificate programs at Hawaii Pacific University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Yellow Ribbon Program

Military Hospital Corpsman (HM) to BSN Pathway

Students who are Military Hospital Corpsman (HM), may be eligible for the pathway.  In order to qualify the student will:

  • Completion of all general education (GenEd) requirements and all science and math pre-requisite courses (refer to Admission Factsheet).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (only courses meeting BSN requirements apply to GPA calculation) and must maintain 3.0 or higher GPA to remain in pathway.
  • Have a current LPN license (military personnel are exempt).
  • Have one (1) year of recent acute care experience.
  • ATI TEAS Test 75% or better.
  • Personal statement and resume.
  • Passing score on the NLN PN Fundamentals Secure Exam, unless already licensed as a LPN/LVN/PN.

HPU credit for completion of an accredited Military Hospital Corpsman (HM) Program after review of transcripts by a military transcript evaluator.

NUR 2950/2951 Nursing Concepts and Processes (LPN Credit) 3/2
NUR 2963 Communication for Health Care Professionals (LPN Credit) 2
NUR 3952/3953 Gerontologic Nursing (LPN Credit) 1/2
NUR 3962/3963 Adult Health One (LPN Credit) 3/3
NUR 3964/3965 Adult Health Two (LPN Credit) 3/3

If an equivalent course has not been taken in a Military Hospital Corpsman (HM) Program, successful couse completion will be required to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Equivalency Testing
Prior to beginning the 1st semester, Equivalency Testing must be completed (see below):

NUR 2970/2971 Health Assessment (HPU Test-out) 2/1

Prior to beginning the 2nd semester, Equivalency Testing must be completed (see below):

NUR 2300 Pharmacology (NLN/ATI Test) 3
NUR 3980/3981 Childbearing Family (NLN/ATI Test) 2/1
NUR 3985/3986 Child and Family Health (NLN/ATI Test) 3/1

Failure to successfully pass any equivalency test the first time will require actual enrollment into the class in which the equivalency test was to replace.

1st Semester

NUR 2965/2966 LPN to BSN Transition Course 3/1
NUR 2930 Pathophysiology 3
NUR 3970/3971 Altered Mental Health Patterns 3/2
NUR 4700 Nursing Research Proposal Development 3

15 Credits

2nd Semester

NUR 4960/4961 Developing a Healthy Community 2/4
NUR 4950/4951 Comprehensive Health Care 2/4
NUR 3900 Leadership and Management 2
NUR 3890 Interventions Lab 2

16 Credits
Total = 31 Credits